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tax calculator

Use this calculator to find out the approximate gross salary of a nanny based on the net payment the nanny would receive.

Safe At Home - the National Home Safety Equipment Scheme
On Friday 20 February 2009 Baroness Delyth Morgan launched 'Safe At Home' - an £18m National Home Safety Equipment Scheme which will be run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) until March 2011.
Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures: the Strategy for Children and Young People's Health
Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures: the Strategy for Children and Young People's Health


Terms And Conditions

1 .The terms and conditions set out below constitute an agreement between First Steps Childcare Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “agency”) and the client. No variation of these terms and conditions can be made unless expressly confirmed by the agency in writing. The “client” shall include any associate (e.g. employee) of the client.

2. The client must notify the Agency immediately an applicant accepts an engagement and pay the agency fee within 14 days of invoice. Non payment after 14 days will result in a 10% surcharge. Failure to pay may result in the client’s exclusion from the agency files. Outstanding fees may also be liable to an additional 10% surcharge for each subsequent month unpaid.

3. An invoice will be calculated by the agency as set out in the agency fees and is payable by the client on the acceptance and not the commencement of employment.

4. The Agency endeavours to ensure but does not fully guarantee the suitability of any applicant introduced to the client. The client shall therefore satisfy himself as to the applicant’s suitability, capability and integrity. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the chosen childcarer is available to meet the requirements of the vacancy.

5. Clients employing or re-employing applicants introduced by the Agency within six months of that introduction shall be liable for full fees.

6. Clients using temporary staff from the Agency must contact the agency to arrange working times and days and may not contact the childcarers direct without prior consent from the Agency. All temporary childcarers supplied by the agency will be charged at the normal supply staff rate. After the initial supply period, clients must contact the Agency to organise future supply work and pay subsequent supply fees as normal. Clients may not employ the childcarers without informing the Agency and paying the relevant fees. If clients employ temporary staff without the Agency’s knowledge, permanent placement fees will become payable to the agency.

6. The client will be responsible for deductions and payments of Income Tax and National Insurance as required by law.

7. All introductions are strictly confidential and must not be passed either directly or indirectly to potential clients or applicants. The full fee will be payable by the client to whom the details were given by the Agency if this condition is breached.

8.The Agency will not be liable under any circumstance for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the client either directly or indirectly, from any act or omission of any applicant introduced by the Agency even if such act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals any dishonesty.

9. If the applicant is engaged on a temporary basis and is subsequently engaged on a permanent basis or the temporary engagement lasts longer than six months the client will pay the Agency the full permanent fees less any already paid in respect of the temporary engagement.

10. If the applicant does not remain in the client’s employment for a minimum of six weeks the Agency may offer to replace the applicant free of charge on the following conditions (except where the client’s circumstances have altered causing the termination of employment):

(a)The client notifies the Agency in writing within seven working days of the termination of the engagement and the initial invoice was settled in accordance with this agreement.

(b)If the client subsequently re-engages the applicant within a period of six months a full fee will become payable immediately.

If a replacement cannot be found then a refund of 50 % of the placement fee may be given to the client.


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